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Le blé en herbe

AKA: The Ripening Corn

Country: France

Genre: Coming of Age, Drama



The Ferrets and their two daughters, Vinca and Lisette, spend a summer holiday on the coast of Brittany sometime in the late 1920s. As is their custom, they are accompanied by their friend, Madame Audebert, and her 16-year-old son Philippe (Pierre-Michel Beck). Philippe and Vinca are almost like brother and sister, but they now find themselves unable to understand why their harmless disputes should leave them with so much hurt and regret. Neither is prepared to acknowledge that they have become attracted to each other. To complicate matters, Philippe also finds himself strongly attracted to a woman thirty years his senior, Madame Dallery - a woman who is in need of love, and finds herself drawn to the handsome young boy.


  • Based on the 1923 novel of the same name by the French writer known as 'Colette' (Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, 1873-1954)
  • in the US, this film was subject to a series of attempts to prohibit its screening. The film was banned in Massachusetts until a court ruling in July 1955 found the state's motion picture censorship law unconstitutional. Even then, officials in Boston, unable to prohibit the film, described it as "unwholesomely immoral". Bans imposed in other parts of the US were ultimately similarly overturned. The US District Judge for the Northern District of Illinois, Joseph Sam Perry, described the film as "immoral and obscene", but his court's ban on the film was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1957.

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Picture for Le blé en herbe


  • Pierre-Michel Beck
  • Edwige Feuillère
    (Madame Dallery, the 'Lady in White')
  • Nicole Berger
  • Charles Dechamps
    (Monsieur Ferret)
  • Renée Devillers
    (Philippe's Mother)

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A masterpiece. Pierre-Michel Beck is utterly wonderful.

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