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Sigurd Drakedreper

AKA: The Littlest Viking

Country: Norway

Genre: Adventure



A 12-year-old Viking Prince, Sirgard, takes on fearsome warriors, legendary beasts and far-out characters as he learns about truth, nobility and honor. For young Sirgard, this is an age of exploration and adventure...a time to seek new challenges, save a few damsels, and perhaps slay a dragon along the way. Set against the spactacular scenic fjords of Norway and Scandinavia.



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Picture for Sigurd Drakedreper


  • Kristian Tonby
  • Per Jansen
  • Terje Strømdahl
  • Rulle Smit
  • Britt E. Haagensli

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This is actually much better than the other reviewers' ratings on this page would lead one to suspect. Yes, it's historical nonsense - in fact pure New Age hokum - absurdly situated in a Viking village. But so long as one puts aside historical verisimilitude (and provided one can look past the lead's rather frightful wig), one will find that this film is a thoroughly charming story about the camaraderie of boys. Sigurd (Kristian Tonby) makes friends with a captured Frankish boy who saves him from drowning, and the two strip naked by the riverside in order to get dry (and, I expect, to give the camera an opportunity to admire their youthful physiques). There isn't even a hint of heterosexual romance in the whole thing. Gradually, by forging new alliances amongst his own generation, Sigurd gains in courage and navigates a new, less warlike path, for his people. The premise of the film is that all boys are natural comrades, and that the love and loyalty of boys for each other is capable of solving all society's conflicts. Damn it, you KNOW it's true!

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