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The Magnificent Six and 1/2

Country: UK

Genre: Comedy, Family, Short


A group of seven children have various comic misadventures whilst trying to help people, in this series of movies produced by the Children's Film Foundation, based on Hal Roach's "Our Gang" series of comedy shorts.


  • Comprising three sets of six films released from 1968 to 1972.
  • A television version of this film series was produced by the American studio 20th Century Fox as Here Come the Double Deckers! (1970-1971). This had a very similar format to its predecessor, following the adventures of seven children with very similar personalities to the 'Six and 1/2' group. However, the television series was produced on a much larger budget than the 'Six and 1/2', and contained musical numbers. Two of the actors from the 'Six and 1/2', Brinsley Forde and Michael Audreson, crossed over to the 'Double Deckers'.
  • Eight of "The Magnificent Six and 1/2" films have been released as bonus features on four 'Saturday Morning Pictures' DVDs (Amazon UK links at top-right of this page), each of which includes two Children's Film Foundation features and two "Magnificent Six and 1/2" shorts. Volume 1 features "Ghosts and Ghoulies" and "Kontiki Kids", Volume 2 features "Bob a Job" and "Peewee's Pianola", Volume 3 features "The Astronaughts" and "A Good Deed in Time", and Volume 4 features "It's Not Cricket" and "Peewee Had A Little Ape".
Picture for The Magnificent Six and 1/2


  • Len Jones
    (Steve - 1968 Series 1)
  • Ian Ellis
    (Dumbo - 1968-1969 Series 1-2)
  • Brinsley Forde
    (Toby - 1968-1969 Series 1-2)
  • Michael Audreson
    (Whizz - 1968-1969 Series 1-2)
  • Lionel Hawkes
    (Stodger - 196-1969 Series 1-2)
  • Suzanne Togni
    (Liz - 1968-1969 Series 1-2)
  • Kimi Tallmadge
    (Peewee - 1968-1969 Series 1-2)
  • Robin Davies
    (Steve - 1969 Series 2)
  • Steven Wallen
    (Scruff - 1972 Series 3)

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