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Uncle Tom's Uncle

Short Film

Country: USA

Genre: Comedy, Short



The Gang, under the direction of Mickey, stage their own unique (and utterly brilliant) version of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in Mickey's barn; but the meticulously rehearsed performance does not go quite according to plan...


  • The 50th 'Our Gang' to be released
  • Mickey Daniels' perfomance in this film was singled out by film historian and critic Leonard Maltin for particular praise in his 'Our Gang' encyclopaedia: "Throughout the play, Mickey - dressed as Simon Legree - steps out between the curtains to try and introduce the next act... Each time, the audience responds by pelting him with some well-thrown gook or garbage, and each time Mickey doubles the laugh with an assortment of comic business - one time exchanging sick looks off-scene with someone else in the gang, reacting broadly another time, stomping around and gestering wildly still another, or maybe just deadpanning his assailant. It works every time." ("The Little Rascals: The Life and Times of Our Gang", Updated edition, Three Rivers Press, 1992, pp. 50-51)
  • The Profile picture on this page shows Bobby Young as 'Bonedust'.
Picture for Uncle Tom's Uncle


  • Mickey Daniels
    (Mickey/Simon Legree)
  • Joe Cobb
    (Joe/Uncle Tom)
  • Johnny Downs
    (Johnny/Marks the Lawyer)
  • Allen Hoskins
  • Mary Kornman
    (Mary/Little Eva)
  • David Durand
    (Piano player)
  • Bobby Young
  • Jay R. Smith
  • Jackie Condon
  • Gabe Saienz
    (Lead tough kid throwing things at Mickey)
  • Terence McMillan
    (Boy who throws lettuce head at Mickey)
  • Gordon Thorpe
    (Boy in audience who blows whistle)
  • Jackie Levine
    (Boy who slaps himself in the face)
  • Billy Butts
    (Boy in audience)
  • Ray Erlenborn
    (Boy in audience)
  • Junior Johnston
    (Boy in audience)
  • Kenneth McMillan
    (Boy in audience)
  • Billy Naylor
    (Boy in audience)

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