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AKA: Primary!

Country: Spain

Genre: Comedy



In an explosive celebration of children’s creativity, ¡Primaria! follows the lives of several students and their teachers in a peculiar, yet somewhat recognisable, primary school. When José Maria—more apt at lecturing on Fine Arts at University than controlling a group of primary kids—fills in his new post as an art teacher, chaos seems absolutely inevitable. However, the journey on which his young and infinitely imaginative little students take him shows him there’s much he can learn from them! A life-embracing tale of discovery, and the reciprocal understanding between children and adults.


  • The third film to be produced, written and directed by Iván Noel
  • Featuring the pupils of the San Francisco de Paula Primary School in Seville
  • Additional information, and production photos, can be found at the Noel Films website.

Reviews and Other Resources

Picture for Primaria!


  • Pedro Romero Martínez
  • Iván Rodríguez Gómez
  • Manuel Jesús Rodríguez Gómez
  • Sara María Gómez Otero
  • Marta Gómez Domínguez
  • Alejandro Jesús Gómez del Moral
  • Aaron Ruano del Moral
  • Marina González Gómez
  • Daniela González Gómez
  • Gonzalo Macías Bermudo
  • Carmen Martin Arenas
  • Manuel Nieto Gil
  • Luis Felipe Pou Cox
  • Carmen Pou Cox
  • Jose Joaquin Mena-Bernal Rueda
  • José David Naranjo Martin
  • Lucía Mondaza Hernández
  • Iván Melado Evans
  • Gabriel Aranda Cauzo
  • Claudia Aranda Cauzo
  • Paula Mateo Chaves
  • Marco Carrera Alés
  • Lucia Carrera Alés
  • Antonio Merino Martin
  • Gustavo Merino Martin
  • Álvaro Valenzuela García
  • Rafael Molina Cauzo
  • Carlos Sánchez Ruiz
  • Pilar Morillo Aparicio
  • Maria Gallego Rodríguez
  • Laura Martínez Rodríguez
  • Carlos Romero Gotor
  • Beltrán Vivancos de Andrés
  • Victoria Pérez de Ayala
  • Julia Tellez Gil
  • Joaquín Robles de Acuña
  • Beatriz Robles de Acuña
  • Francisco Alfonsin
    (José Maria)
  • Maica Sánchez
  • Eva Rubio
  • Mercedes Suárez Aller
  • Charo Urbano
  • Ascencio Salas
  • Marga Martínez

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