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TV Series

Country: UK

Genre: Drama, Family



In 1934 young Sam Wilson (Kevin Moreton) and his mother, Dora, return to the Yorkshire mining village where Dora grew up. Sam and Dora aren't welcomed with open arms and Dora is forced to live on benefit. The story follows Sam growing up in the poor northern mining area, starting a new school, being bullied, making friends, developing a relationship with his Uncle and coming to terms with the new man in Dora's life...


  • This series comprised three seasons, each consisting of 13 episodes of approximately 50 minutes each. Kevin Moreton plays Sam Wilson in only the first season (appearances in subsequent seasons are flashbacks to Season One).
  • Winner of the 1973 Television Critics Award for Best Series. Screenwriter John Finch won the 1974 Writers’ Guild Award for Best Series Writer.
Picture for Sam


  • Kevin Moreton
    (Sam Wilson, as a Boy - Season 1)
  • Mark McManus
    (Sam Wilson, as an Adult - Seasons 2 and 3)
  • Peter Robinson
    (Tad Dawson - Season 1)
  • Peter Brown
    (Les Dakin - Season 2)
  • Charles Booth
    (Tom Wilson, as a Boy - Season 3)

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A kitchen sink drama which at times feels like a gritty soap opera. Two points: firstly, there isn't an awful lot of Sam in Season One of "Sam" - most of the scenes are of adults talking to each other in domestic settings, with young Sam just popping up every now and then. In fact, Season One is not really about Sam as such. Secondly, the characters spend a great deal of time whinging about how tough their general conditions of life are in their historical era. Now did working class folk in the 1930s really spend all their time whinging about their lives, or did they just get on with it? I expect the latter is more probable. You know, I can't STAND whingers. The series is also almost completely unrelieved by humour, and this contributes to its feeling rather relentless. Kevin Moreton is a personable young actor whose quiet, sensitive, understated presence in this first season is certainly a pleasure to watch in between the adults moaning about their lives and raising their voices at each other. Possibly, though, he is just a touch too reserved and doesn't leave enough of an impression, though this may also be the fault of the screenwriting. I get the impression that the writer (John Finch) wasn't much interested in the character of Sam as a boy, and was only interested in the adult characters, which is a great pity. For me, Sam's maternal grandfather Jack (played by Michael Goodliffe) was the standout character from this first season, though he's not a particularly attractive character. In fact, who ARE we supposed to be rooting for in this series?...(For Sam? Then why is his character so underdeveloped?)

I've just begun season 2, and although there's a boy character (Les Dakin), again the writer is uninterested in him and his role is not developed. This series has ambitions to be a classic epic, but the roster of frankly unlikeable characters makes this difficult. Had the writer actually taken an interest in the boy characters - particularly Sam in the first Season - things might have been different. As it is, the series fails to live up to its ambitions.

My Movie Rating: Red StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed StarRed Star 6 / 10
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